Entry #1

Any ideas for a flash animation?

2008-09-20 13:24:36 by evolvd-studios

What up you guys, Hehe, I just farted, so I decided, why not become a donkey? I already have my ass shaved, in case anybody cares for cow shit, here it is : evolvd studios Deviant
Anyway, I really want to start toilet flushing, but seriously need to buy toilet first. I usually use it at the university, but, I am kinda gay. Ive been making sex to a squirrel for about 2 years, started up when I was 12, and been like that ever since.

Well, guess that is all folks.


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2008-09-24 14:44:31

Make a flash that doesn't suck dumbass

evolvd-studios responds:

I am not shure if that was a positive or negative comment...But even so, save the bad comments to yourselv.


2008-11-26 15:58:56

Well I think you should start out making something simple because I really don't have an idea of you are capable of, maybe a sonic flash...? Madness combat films are good to start, in fact, I'm working on a madness flash animation right now.


2008-12-06 11:15:39

no you need ot hear the bad comments... sonic flashes are gay for 1.

two make your own idea instead of stealing other peoples ideas